Motivation is necessary in order to succeeD.Whether you are working out to feel and look better, participating in the 'Day of Silence' to support a cause, or working hard in school to get good grades and get accepted at one's college of choice, everything that people do has a motive behind it.
However, motivation is a quality that many high school students seem to lack. Maybe it is because they feel as though the information that they are learning will never be useful to them, that they think their teachers are terrible, or that they simply 'hate school.' But no one else is forcing you to do your work. You've decided to take it on. It all comes down to what you want and what you are willing to do in order to get therE.
Minor setbacks often discourage people from trying. For example, if a student fails a French quiz, it could lead to him to not studying for a French test, and thereby not scoring well on it. Instead of allowing 'feelings of inadequacy to get you down, think about all the things you do have and let those push you to succeeD.Don't worry about or dwell on things that go wrong. Concentrate on your successes.
Both UT Austin and Virginia Tech are readable and understandable websites for self help. The UT Austin site presents suggestions in bullet form. and separates general motivation skills from academic ones. The Virginia Tech site also suggests ways to increase motivation, and then has a checklist. This list makes it easy for students to target the source of their poor motivation. Both sites seem to be aimed at college students, but they are perfectly suitable for high school students as well.
Both websites were well presented and clear. However, in order to improve the Virginia Tech website, I would include a suggestion box after the checklist so after completing the list, after reading the suggestions from this box, one could have some sort of plan of action.
What is the author trying to approve with the examples in paragraph 1 ?
A.People have various life choices.
B.Efforts are needed for us to get anywhere in lifE.
C.People's life stylE.choice determines their social status.
D.People's various actions are driven by corresponding motivations.



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Recent research had claimed that an excess of positive ions in the air could have an ill effect on people's physical or psychological health. What are positive ions? Well, the air is full of ions, electrically charged particles, and generally there is a rough balancE.If the balance becomes disturbed and a larger proportion of positive ions are founD.This happens naturally before thunderstorms, earthquakes or when winds such as the Mistral, Foehn, Hamsin or Sharav are blowing in certain countries. Or it can be caused by a build-up of static electricity indoors from carpets or clothing made of man-made fibers, or from TV sets, duplicators or computer display screens.When a large number of positive ions are present in the air many people experience unpleasant effects such as headaches, fatigue, irritability, and some particularly sensitive people suffer nausea or even mental disturbancE.Animals are also found to be affected, particularly before earthquakes: snakes have been observed to come out of hibernation, rats to flee from their burrows, dogs howl and cats jump about unaccountably. This has led the US Geographical Survey to fund a network of volunteers to watch animals in an effort to foresee such disasters before they hit vulnerable areas such as CaliforniA.Conversely, when large numbers of negative ions are present, then people have a feeling of well-being. Natural conditions that produce these large amounts are near the sea, close to waterfalls or fountains, or m any place where water is sprayed, or forms a spray. This probably accounts for the beneficial effect of a holiday by the sea, or in the mountains with tumbling streams or waterfalls.To increase the supply of negative ions indoors, some scientists-recommend the use of ionisers: small portable machines that generate negative ions. They claim that ionisers not only clean and refresh the air but also improve the health of people sensitive to excess positive ions. Of course, there are the detractors, other scientists, who dismiss such claims and are skeptical about negative or positive in research. Therefore people can only make up their own minds by observing the effects on themselves, or on others, of a negative rich or poor environment. After all, it is debatable whether depending on seismic readings to anticipate earthquakes is more effective than watching the cat.What effect does excessive positive ions have on some people?A.They think they are maD.B.They feel very tireD.C.They become violently sick.D.They are too tired to do anything.